Our platform provides the AI, NLU/P and deep learning technology as well as the bot building tools to create and deploy a conversational interface for your business

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Start with our customizable templates or design your ideal end-to-end flow to acquire, engage, retain, and provide services to your customers.

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Create your conversational interface without writing code. From a simple bot to an intelligent assistant, our platform allows you to deliver a polished experience.



Launch your new bot across messaging services, voice platforms, and the web. Get analytics and insights from the dashboard.


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Check out the great features offered by our product!

Cutting-edge AI

We use state-of-the-art deep learning techniques for natural language processing and understanding.

Zero Code Bot Builder

Passage AI features an easy to use self-serve bot building platform. Zero code needed! We’ll take care of that so you can focus on content.

Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

Deploy your new bot to multiple platforms simultaneously: chat messaging apps, voice assistants, and your own website!

Passage AI knows more than English

We support multiple languages. Your bot can speak in the language of your customers. So your bot will always be ready as your business reaches new markets.

Intents, Webhooks, Decision Trees, Knowledge Bases

The Passage AI bot builder is a simple interface for adding advanced features to the bot: Match intents to actions. Use APIs with a webhook. Build decision trees. And integrate knowledge bases.

Analytics Dashboard

Track the bot usage in real time on our analytics dashboard. And optionally, push the events data to any other analytics tools too.

Use Cases

The Passage AI platform handles the primary use cases for conversational interface with ease.

Customer Service

Build a chatbot that can instantly respond to customer requests. And for issues that need a personal touch, the bot can hand off to your best customer service representatives.


Chat is a great way to spread the word about your products and services. Deploy on every major messaging platform, including your website, to provide customers a conversational interface to your business.


Modern retail needs to deliver exceptional customer experience. With Passage AI, your customers will have everything from the store locator, to product search, to shipping notifications, to returns at their fingertips.

Virtual Assistant

A chat interface to your products and services, whether voice or text, lets customers perform complex tasks with natural language, like booking appointments, searching a knowledge base, and navigating step-by-step instructions.

IT Automation

Provide prompt IT services to your employees through a Passage AI bot. The conversational interface can handle queries, submit tickets, and take direct action through APIs.

HR Automation

Give employees a simple way to perform the most common tasks through a chat interface. Amongst the many duties that the bot can handle: request time off, fill time cards, look up policies, and manage changes to benefits.


These are just a few of the platforms that we support. Contact us to talk about our support for additional platforms.

For custom integrations, contact us.


We listen to our customers, so should you.

“The Passage AI chatbot has been very effective for Udacity.”

Sam Mazaheri
Director of Digital MarketingUdacity

“They created a custom chatbot for us that guides prospective students to the right courses and Nanodegree programs, matched to their career goals and skill level. Whether you’re pursuing a career in self-driving cars, digital marketing or data analysis, Udacity’s chatbot, powered by Passage AI, uses AI and NLP technologies to guide you to the perfect program.”

“At Kohl’s we’re always looking toward technological innovation to deliver the best, most effortless shopping experience for our customers, and Passage AI helps us achieve this via a natural, instantly responsive experience.”

Ratnakar Lavu,
Chief Technology OfficerKohl’s

“Passage AI’s natural language understanding and processing platform allowed us to quickly launch our chatbot on Facebook Messenger, keeping us on the leading edge in delivering a best-in-class experience to our shoppers. They are also supporting us to launch chatbots on other channels as well.”

Passage AI’s innovative bot-builder platform is powering rapid innovation and enabling new ways to create standout customer experiences.

Paul Jarman,
CEONICE inContact

“Passage AI offers an outstanding conversational interface that we evaluated in our global chatbot scouting this year: Their NLP/NLU capabilities are very sophisticated and ready to interface with all the major messaging platforms. Definitely a very mature and well-designed solution.”

Jorge Davila-Chacon,
Chief Technology OfficerHeldenkombinat GmbH

Heldenkombinat delivers advice, skills and business opportunities in all machine learning playing fields to its customers in Europe.

Partner Program

Expand your product portfolio, increase your revenue

Passage AI offers flexible technology/ecosystem and channel partnerships to align with your business model.

Our technology partner program is ideal for companies that are in the same ecosystem and adjacent space to Passage AI and benefit from having an interoperable solution.

Our channel programs (referral and reseller) are ideal for IT software resellers, systems integrators, value added resellers and software and services companies interested in expanding their product portfolio and increasing their revenue. A Passage AI partner account manager (PAM) will work closely with you to develop and execute a plan to reach your desired goals and will also support your sales efforts by participating in joint sales calls. Here are some of the benefits you will realize when you add our AI/NLP based chatbot solution to your product portfolio:

  • Expand your product portfolio and differentiate yourself in the market
  • Increase revenue and margins
  • Generate incremental and recurring revenue
  • Increase satisfaction for your clients
  • Quick-to-market with minimal investment

Technology/Ecosystem Partners

Passage AI is looking to work closely with companies in our ecosystem to provide an integrated and differentiated solution to our customers.

We, at Passage AI, are very excited to join the Expert Marketplace of LiveChat. We believe that enterprises can greatly benefit using Passage AI’s conversational AI/NLP platform along with LiveChat’s chat solution to provide a robust and convenient solution to their customers. Leveraging the integration that is done between Passage AI and LiveChat, an enterprise can get an end-to-end solution using Passage AI and LiveChat up and running rather quickly.

Referral Partners

The Referral Partner program is for companies that sell IT software and/or services and want to add AI/NLP-based chatbot solution to the sale without investing in additional resources. An example is companies that sell CRM/ERP/HelpDesk solutions, and they want to increase their earnings potential by passing the lead to Passage AI. Another example is individuals with a strong relationships in the market segments targeted by Passage AI.

Reseller Partners

The Reseller Partner program is for companies who already provide clients with AI-related products and services. With Passage AI’s support, you can leverage your staff’s sales capabilities and extend your product portfolio with minimal risk and little expense. By including our offerings, you can enhance the services you provide while generating additional revenue. We offer multiple levels of margin opportunity, depending on your plan to actively market and sell the Passage AI product portfolio.

Apply to be a partner. Or email us at partners@passage.ai.


Passage AI is a venture backed company located in the heart of Silicon Valley. We were founded in 2016 by three Silicon Valley veterans with an extensive background in deep learning and artificial intelligence. We are funded by leading seed/angel investors. Our mission is to make it seamless for businesses to converse with their customers, and help businesses put their customers first.

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